Learn to code in 13 weeks

Week One

Object oriented programming using TDD

This module assumes little or no knowledge on programming in any language, you are introduced to the world of programming using the object oriented paradigm. To be covered is the basics of OOP

Week Two

Introduction to JavaScript

This week we will be looking at JavaScript which happens to be the most used language. We strengthen our knowledge in test driven and behaviour driven development practices

Week Three

Static Website Development

We cover current frontend workflow patterns using technologies like task runners, preprocessors. This week aims on getting the student comfortable working with CSS, JS and html for simple websites CSS and JS frameworks are also introduced (Zurb Foundation, JQuery and Twitter Bootstrap)

Week Four

Introduction to the web

An in depth coverage of how the web works, we use Sinatra to process requests from users. We also cover data persistance on the database

Week Five

JavaScript frontend Framework

Frontend has a couple of frameworks based on JavaScript, we use reactjs to build dynamic and reactive web applications

Week Six

Project One

It's now time to consolidate all the concepts we have learnt so far. A project is presented to you so you use pure ruby, Sinatra, JavaScript and reactjs to build the project

Week Seven and Eight

Introduction to software as a service

We learn how to design and implement centrally hosted software. Ruby on Rails will be used as a classic example of this. Software documentation and agile development is also covered.

Week Nine

Advanced SaaS and API design

We dig deeper into software as a service using advanced rails concepts and learn how to do API design using REST and GraphQL

Week Ten

Mobile Application development

Mobile applications are in use everywhere right now, we learn how to make the applications using React Native as we consume the API that we had designed earlier

Week Eleven and Twelve

Final project

We create a SaaS application together with a mobile application in pairs or mobs to strengthen collaboration skills

Week Thirteen

Five languages in five days

This is the week that we explore other programming languages and frameworks like python, elixir, nodejs, ionic, angular etc

We wake up everyday to make this better, it is hence subject to change for depending on the feedback and industry requirements
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