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Podii Academy is a Kenyan-based coding bootcamp that provides web development training.We believe in hands-on learning and our students are encouraged to explore as they tap into their creativity.

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Are you interested in coding ? Then you are in the right place. Podii provides a platform to learn how to build interactive web applications in our coding bootcamp. It is fun and interactive hands on skills experience


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What you will learn

Apart from converting coffee into code, a programmer needs other skills to interact and communicate with their clients as they creatively and algorithmically solve problems.These skills are cultivated along the way as you grow in your career.We encourage our students to be all rounded.

Front-End Development

For the front end field,we will major on the core languages, CSS and HTML. Students are exposed to most laid out frameworks that support HTML/CSS. Framework options are endless but all will be available depending on Student preference.

Test and Behavior Driven Development

On good code habits we will learn on how to go around TDD(Test Drive Development) and how to test in both development and production. We will learn about CI/CD, The happy path, sad path and code refactoring while coding practically alongside the taught theory.

Back-End Development

Developing an app must have a dynamic or progressive touch to it. Our core language for backend will be Ruby. The course will include a series of lessons for Ruby language and concepts of the Rails framework e.g views, Models, Controllers & routes and other awesome stuff

Agile Practices

With emergence and advancement of remote development teams, our student can not afford to be left behind.Testing first, keeping designs simple, pair programming and continuous integration are some of the agile practices we believe in.

Version Control and Git

So you can code,have a great team and a project to deliver,how do you keep track of your code base?version contol saves the day.Our students do Version control using git to keep track of changes throughtout their learning and even into their careers.

Soft skills

interacting with people be it clients or teammates is what a programmer does.Time management,growth mindset and communication skills are important and we encourage our students to cultivate these skills in and outside class

Intake Dates 2020

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6th January3rd February18th May
1st April4th May3rd August
22nd June20th July19th October
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